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About Comus Farm

Originally established in 1921 and previously known as Hershey Farm, Comus Farm was a working dairy farm for decades within the Martin Family. Over the years, crops such as gourds, corn and soybeans have been planted and rotated over the sprawling hills.

Under new ownership since 2019, although the farm is no longer focused on dairy, it is still a working farm this day. Local farmers continue to rotate crops of corn and soy. Cows, chickens, goats, alpacas and other fowl call the farm home!


Comus Farm 1972


The 100-year-old farmhouse is newly renovated with 7 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an updated kitchen, heating, air conditioning, and a gorgeous wrap-around porch. The Farmhouse along with other additions to the property, are designed to offer guests a multitude of uses and ways to relax and/or celebrate.

Comus Farmhouse 2020

The farm shares several acres with Montgomery County as forest conservation where our Pine Forest lies. In addition to the beauty of the pine trees, Comus Farm has an abundance of wildlife such as whitetail deer, foxes, eagles, turtles, fish, geese, and pollinators like bees and butterflies. 

Pine Forest

Pine Forest Conservation Easement

Sunset over the Garden, Scott Cech Photography

Comus Farm will continue to grow and change as the years go on. Plans to plant pumpkins, berry bushes, native flowers and more are in the works!

Meet the Owners

Iago and Lauren are husband and wife, partners in business as owners of Comus Farm Events LLC, and parents to their two adorable sons, Noah and Judah.


They invite families and friends from near and far to visit the farm and enjoy the natural beauties and peaceful escape that is their little slice of heaven. 


of Comus Farm Events LLC


Meet the Manager

of Comus Farm Events LLC

Kara is our Event Manager here at Comus Farm. With an extensive background in event management, catering and customer service - Kara understands the value of having your most special day placed in good hands.

Kara oversees the venue tours, and is part of our coordination team. She takes joy in ensuring a peaceful experience, making sure every detail is in place.

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